Bump Date :: 23 weeks

Week 23 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Ear of Corn

total weight gain :: 8 pounds — Thanksgiving got me rolling. 🙂

gender :: Girl!

maternity clothes :: I panicked with Black Friday sales and splurged a bit on some belly support and postpartum gear. Mainly still in maternity jeans and normal tops on a day-to-day.

movement :: Lots. Especially at night.

sleep :: It’s really hit and miss. I didn’t do well most of the week, but then had a great day.. and then another bad one… and another good one.

missing :: Regular clothes. Target is killing me once again. I have decided as much as I dislike winter attire in general, maternity winter attire is much worse. I find a shirt I like, and realize I like it because the girl doesn’t look pregnant in the stock photo. Sigh…

craving :: Mexican. I could eat it everyday.

symptoms :: I went for a walk on Monday and had some major hip pains. They quit after awhile but have flared up here and there since then. I have been sporting my Bao Bei Maternity sports wrap on most day to help with this and working through my Expecting and Empowered workout guides but still hurting quite a bit.

duston is :: Working hard for that money. Ha! In all seriousness, we did spend quite a bit of time prepping in the basement this weekend for some wall repairs and saved a ton of money on lights during a Black Friday sale.

looking forward to :: Holiday season is in full swing — which means there are tons of parties and gatherings. Although I like the hustle and bustle, I find the colder it gets and the more pregnant I get, I just want to be a homebody. Good thing I work from home…

best moments :: We really enjoyed the holidays with our family. We visited and shopped and relaxed. It was really a great time.

Staying Lactose Free with New Barn Organic Unsweetened Almondmilk

Thank you, Moms Meet, for sponsoring this post, Staying Lactose Free with New Barn Organic Unsweetened Almondmilk. I was selected for this opportunity by Moms Meet; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

New Barn Milk

Pregnancy comes with a lot of weird things. Aches and pains that change day-by-day. Kicks and flutters, food aversion to food cravings, and really that is just the start. I don’t talk about it a lot but somewhere in my early to mid-20s, this milk loving girl became lactose intolerant and it rocked my world. Somewhere down the line and into my first pregnancy with our angel baby, Ellie, I suddenly could have dairy once again.

It really is the weird thing. With each pregnancy, not only do my milk cravings spike but also, I am more tolerable to milk-based products. Of course, I indulge a bit in ice cream here and there, but one thing I am too afraid to attempt to regular ol’ milk again.

Just recently, I learned about a new milk alternative in the marketplace, New Barn Organic Unsweetened Almondmilk and was able to try some with my family. I am always on the hunt for a non-dairy solution, and just like my pregnancies in the past, I had been craving not only a great lactose-free option, but also one that was healthy for me and the baby. You know it must be good for you when it is Whole30 Approved!

New Barn Organic Unsweetened Almondmilk is gluten-free, soy-free, and produced in a peanut-free facility. It’s simple ingredients was exactly what I was looking for in choosing a wholesome milk alternative for this pregnancy and I couldn’t be happier. New Barn actually carries a few different products besides the Unsweetened Almondmilk like Original, Vanilla, Unsweetened Vanilla, Barista Almondmilk and even frozen dessert!

New Barn Milk

New Barn Milk

Creamer has been something on my list that I know is full of bad ingredients for my daily health. Thankfully, New Barn Organic also allowed us to try some of their barista line as well. It really creates an exceptional non-dairy experience. Professional baristas helped New Barn develop a formulation that produces luscious micro-foam, rich texture, and a beautiful mouthfeel that provides a delicate almond flavor. It’s a perfect touch of sweetness to my morning coffee after a long night with a toddler and a pregnant belly.

We are loving our New Barn products around the Bahorich home these days. I wonder if it has anything to do with New Barn’s Almondmilk having 3 times the almond content of other brands? That’s truly amazing! Dusty and I have been enjoying the almond milk with our holiday sugary treats these past few weeks and love the taste! You’d think something being unsweetened would taste kind of plain but this almond milk has a pleasant taste on its own.

New Barn Organic Unsweetened Almondmilk is available in thousands of stores across the country including Whole Foods, Lucky’s, and many more. Visit their website and use their store locator to find them near you. (Average retail price is $4.99-$5.99)

Learn more and connect with New Barn online, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond!

What sorts of recipes do you use almond milk in? Share them in the comments below and I would love to try them out!

Shop Small :: FUNKtional Wearables

Thank you, FUNKtional Wearables, for sponsoring this post, part of Bahorich Abode’s Shop Small Holiday series. I was selected for this opportunity by FUNKtional Wearables; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

FUNKtional Wearables

Guys, I am in love with my Fitbit. It has been a long road for me and wearables when it comes to my fitness, and if I am being honest with you, it took me a long time to get to where I am at. My journey started with the Jawbone UP! years and years ago; however, even though I loved it, a few months after their first generation release… Jawbone recalled the whole fleet of them.

At the time, my husband, myself, and a solid group of friends were still working at a big blue box known as Best Buy. We all had the Jawbone UP! and we all loved them. However, shortly after the recall, ours all stopped working bit by bit. Fitbit was still new to the wearable solution; can you even imagine that now? And so, we all patiently waited until the next release that Jawbone promised. Month later, Jawbone was still at the top of their game. Folks were loving their bluetooth devices for their ears and the quickly came out with another version of the UP! Sadly, a few months later, another recall occurred. Even so, I continued to wear mine for up to two more years until mine finally died and I was refunded.

Round three happened right before Ollie was born. I had used a few different women-focused wearable solutions, but still really wanted something that focused more on my sleep and had a great functioning app. The updated app and new design of the UP! was wonderful, great even. It helped me stay active in my pregnancy and justified my poor sleep in those last weeks of pregnancy. As Ollie was born though, I found that my wearable was snagging on this little newborn’s skin. I safety placed my wearable in a drawer and returned to it a few months later to find not only a dead-as-a-doornail device, but also a company that was nonexistent and looking like bankruptcy.

Flash forward to this past summer, and by happenstance, I realized that I had purchased a replacement plan on my UP! and quickly bounced back into Best Buy for a solution — a new wearable. I did all the research and ended up with a Fitbit Alta.

I love my Alta and everything that comes with it. It has been reliable, dependent, and even tells me the time and my incoming texts. So now that I have the “best new wearable” out there, I hit another dilemma… I want to wear my fitness tracker 24/7 but it doesn’t always look nice. It doesn’t always look presentable. And thankfully I discovered FUNKtional Wearables.

FUNKtional Wearables

FUNKtional Wearables offers a versatile and affordable line of jewelry with pieces for both men and women just for your fitness tracker. These high quality accessories offer an additional benefit as each has a special handmade compartment that securely conceals Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Alta, Charge HR, Charge 2, Garmin Vivofit, Vivosmart, Vivosmart HR, Jawbone and so many more activity trackers. These compartments were designed by Cornell-educated ergonomics expert and master quilter, Christina Blais, and her niece, Cynthia, who was tired of losing her Fitbit Flex due to the wristband falling off. She also felt a little silly trying to cover up the wristband with bangles whenever she dressed up.

FUNKtional Wearables designs just the perfect solution for fashion to meet my fitness goals. No longer do I have to slip off my Fitbit when heading to a work party or holiday outing this season. I can continue to manage my steps and not worry about looking down and seeing a fitness tracker glaring at me! FUNKtional Wearables makes bangles, wraps, covers, and more just for you.

I have been so excited to shared with you some of my favorites out there. Additionally, they are offering you 20% off their entire store. Use the code “20OFF” at the checkout to get the extra savings for yourself or somebody on your shopping list this season.

Here is a little bit more about the owners of FUNKtional Wearables:

How did you get your shop started?
I have made jewelry as a hobby since I was a kid, and I finally put my first piece on Etsy in 2014.

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
Not having a steady income. You never know when sales are going to go well, and when they are going to be slower.

What is one thing unique about you?
We dedicate a portion of sales to the Best Friends Animal Society. I am a huge animal lover and own 2 rescue dogs. I also foster dogs until they can get placed into a forever home.

What is the best part of owning a shop?
Making your own hours, and not having a boss.

What is one way that you keep organized?
Calendar! I put everything in my phone calendar and use it to keep myself and my business organized.

How do you balance family life and work life?
I make it a point to take every Sunday off, but it is definitely hard to maintain that balance!

Shop Small :: Colour Blocks

Thank you, Colour Blocks, for sponsoring this post, part of Bahorich Abode’s Shop Small Holiday series. I was selected for this opportunity by Colour Blocks; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

🖍💛🖍💚🖍💙🖍💜🖍❤️🖍Colour Blocks are handcrafted crayons I make. 100 percent sustainable crayon company from Encinitas California. These square block crayons are safe for kid, non-toxic and comes in 12 designer colors. These square block crayons stack like block toys. New giant jumbo size is even safer for toddlers. Follow my bio link to buy at our art supply shop. 🖌❤️🖌💛🖌💚🖌💙🖍💜#safeforkids #safeforbaby #safeforchildren #safefortoddlers #crayons #beeswaxcrayons #beeswax #preschool #earlychildhoodeducation #earlychildhoodeducation #baby #kidscrafts #kids #kidsart #doodling #coloring #colorpop #colourful #drawing #reggiokids #waldorf #montessori #montessoriathome #blocks #blockcrayons

Bahorich Abode is all about intentionality over here. We try to make good decisions every day as we know that even the little decisions that we make can have a larger ripple effect in not only our own lives, but others and the environment. Whether it is purchasing small this holiday season or ensuring that you have dinner each night around the table with your family, the decisions that you make can have a larger meaning to someone else.

I love that all of our small shops know this. Each small shop that we partnered with this season has such great meaning behind them. Today’s small shop, Colour Blocks, does just that. They solely exist to make something out of what most would think is nothing… old crayons.

Made in the USA, these crayons are safe, non-toxic, and 100% recycled. Owner, Spramani Elaun uses eco-friendly packaging and has designed the crayons so that children can color with them easily and the crayons, themselves, won’t roll off the table. They are designed in two different sized blocks which forms to little hands to hold so easily!

We are loving teaching Ollie the gift of art and creativity with our new Colour Blocks. He is just learning the concept of coloring in general and these are a great way to introduce art to him at such a young age. He can grip the crayons easily because of their design and owner, Spramani, is offering you some amazing discounts this holiday season as well.

Buy a 6 pack of the regular sized block crayons and get a small christmas tree crayon for free, plus free shipping, for just $14.00. Buy a 12 pack and get a gingerbread man crayon for free, plus free shipping, for just $24.00. Or buy a 6 pack of jumbo crayons, and get the gingerbread man crayon free, plus free shipping for just $24.00! Just click on pictures below for the direct links to buy!

Also, just head on over to her Etsy shop today and use the code OLLIE6 for $5 off any set! Finally, we are partnering with Colour Blocks for an amazing giveaway this morning. Check out our Instagram in the next 48 hours to enter!

Colour Blocks

6 Crayon Pack (Free Christmas Crayon)

Colour Blocks

12 Crayon Pack (Free Ginderbread Man)

Colour Blocks

6 JUMBO Large Crayon Pack (Gingerbread Man Crayon)

Here is a little bit more about Spramani, author of Colour Blocks:

How did you get your shop started?
I started making and selling Colour Blocks – square stackable block crayons at a cute hip farmers market in Encinitas, San Diego near the beach in 2008. I’m an earth-friendly art teacher for kids. My product came from me trying to walk my talk about being sustainable in every way. All my art students families, local teachers and restaurants were donating crayons to me, which became a whole lot! I had so many and didn’t have the heart to throw them away. I was quite accident that my cool recycle design came about. I was playing around with different shapes and watched little kids start stacking and counting my crayons like toy blocks, Colour Blocks was born. Then I soon discovered how functional the crayons really were for little hands. I’ve been making Colour Blocks now for 10 years, they come in pure beeswax, recycle and soy wax. I ship them out all over the world now, it’s really fun.

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
The hardest part of owning my shop is organization for me, I’m the creative messy type! I like being creative and making stuff, not keeping good records or a well organized stockroom. Both my teens have been taking over that part of my shop, thankfully! Making crayons is also a very messy job, my family jokes I should have been on the show Messy Jobs.

What is one thing unique about you?
I have a natural gift in teaching kids how to paint and draw, and I’ve written 5 education books about it.

What is the best part of owning a shop?
When customers return and tell me how much their children loved their art supplies, it’s also fun to see the kids growing up. I have the cutest customers!

How did you get your shop name?
Colour Blocks is the name of my Etsy shop, Nature of Art® is the actual name of my business. It came from my passion loving nature and art making. Colour Blocks – square stackable block crayons, is just the name of my crayon products, and of course it came from the shape of my product and the 12 unique custom colors they come in. My kids named all my colors when they were little. Colour is spelled this way because of it’s link to classical color theory from the beginning of antiquity.

Sea Glass
Summer Sunset
Lemon Yellow
Fire Red
Violet Blossom
Grassy Green
Hippie (my multicolor crayon)
Cloudy Day
Multi Cultural Skin Tone
Midnight Black
Bubble Gum
and Harvest Brown

What is one way that you keep organized?
Get help from my sweet heart and teens, they run that part of the business.

How do you balance family life and work life?
My business started with the necessity to stay home and homeschool both my kids first. I invented a way to make money, raise and home education my kids together. I used to stay home during the week, make crayons and sell on the weekends only with my kids. Being a close family is important to me. My own teen life was isolated because my single mom had to work all the time. My father passed away when I was very young. I always knew I wanted a real close relationship with both of kids. My kids are a big part of my business, in fact both just traveled with me internationally for business. I ask a lot of input from all family members to keep us close and involved. It took many years to figure out my work must support the family eco system. I don’t’ sell much any more at the farmers market, I just sell online now, and bigger retail shows, which helps me stay more connected with my teens busy social life. This business aways allows me to adjust yearly my schedule to what the family really needs.

Shop Small :: Generation Claimed

Thank you, Generation Claimed, for sponsoring this post, part of Bahorich Abode’s Shop Small Holiday series. I was selected for this opportunity by Generation Claimed; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Generation Claimed

Have you ever discovered something that you literally feel like you could give away to every new mom that you meet in the next five years (or more)? Guys, Generation Claimed has designed and developed my new favorite book… and it’s a baby board book.

“You Are” is a 9 page board book filled with Biblical affirmations.

Dearest one, you are a child and an heir of the most high God.

It designed to speak life over the youngest of our generation. Author, Emily’s, prayer is that this book will imprint the Lord’s promises and truths on our little’s hearts and call them forth in their lives. Many of us parents seek to “wrap them (our children) in victory, joy, and praise. (Isaiah 61:3 VOICE);” that from a young age they will be claimed for the Lord and His Kingdom, and this book is such a great way to fill your home with Godly-center holiness.

Precious child, you are the start of something new.

I was sitting chatting in the midst of a mommy Facebook group just earlier this week and one of the mommas asked how to incorporate more Jesus, and less of the world, in her home and I instantly thought of this book. The book is beautifully illustrated and written. Each page is short and sweet, which is perfect for our little Ollie, who loves flipping the pages. It is a simple way to tell him truths each night and a reminder for us with the scripture below where the truth originated from.

Sweetheart, you are for signs and wonders.

I know that many of my girlfriends give away a Jesus Storybook Bible or something similar at each baby shower; however, this is my new go-to. First, it’s a board book so the new mommas can use this without fearing that the pages will rip. Second, it is a great book to sit down and read each night in addition to a short story in the Bible to your little. Like I said, Ollie is really more about flipping the pages, so accomplishing the “end” of the book is just as important to him. We can sit down and read together at bedtime and slow our hearts and focus on the new meaning of not only Christmas, but our entire lives.

I just love it! Use the coupon code “Etsy20” to receive 20% off of the You Are book for your own little one. Also, head on over to our Instagram page today to enter to win a book for yourself! Hurry though… it’s just up for 48 hours!

Generation Claimed

Generation Claimed

Here is a little bit more about Emily, author of You Are:

How did you get your shop started?
We actually opened our website before we started on Etsy. We appreciated Etsy’s clients and how good they are to their sellers and decided to open a shop on Etsy, as well as our website.
As far as our business, the to make a long story less long 🙂 My infant daughter didn’t sleep well; so I was laying down to take a nap when the Lord put the idea for this book in my head. Needless to say, I didn’t get to sleep, but I kept thinking it was an idea that I would do “someday.” But the Lord was continuing to speak to me about it, and at the beginning of every year our church does a fast. During the fast my husband and I were praying for direction in our life; where did the Lord want us to go next. He will tell you that he can remember the exact spot he was standing in in our house when he heard the Lord. He looked at me and said, “The Lord told me you are supposed to write.” I took it as the push from the Lord that it was, and the rest is a lot of hard work and as they say, “history.”

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
I have 3 kids, and they are our top priority right now. So it is hard to find the time and energy to work on our business while being “mom.”

What is one thing unique about you?
I married my high school sweetheart. Super cheesy, right:)

What is the best part of owning a shop?
I love knowing that we are impacting littles and their families for the Lord. It’s so humbling and exciting to be able to be a part of how children are hearing about God through us; that we in a small way get to speak into their lives.

How did you get your shop name?
The first night I sat down to write; I wrote in entirety the passage on the back of our book. It literally has not changed one bit since I sat down and wrote it that first night. After, I wrote it I read it and thought “hmm, generation claimed, I like the way that sounds.” And it really just represented what we desired the Lord to do through our company.

What is one way that you keep organized?
I am a big believer in lists, because I am not naturally organized. I write down a list at the beginning of everyday of what I need to get done. I look at the list and pray that the Lord would “order my steps for the day” and help me prioritize what is most important. And then, I literally rank/prioritize what needs to get done the most. What will give me the most bang for my buck. I heard a speaker once who prioritized her lists of “to do” by need to do, nice to do, and nuts to do. I do my best to be ruthless with my time; so that I can be so gracious with those I spend it with.

How do you balance family life and work life?
My husband is a nurse who works 3 days a week. The days that he works, he doesn’t get home until 10:30. So I use that time, after the kids go to bed, to be creative, and get things done for our business. I definitely have had to learn to be disciplined, and turn the TV off. The Lord asked me one night, “what do you really want?” I remind myself of this on those nights when it’s tempting to just veg out instead of be disciplined. I so believe in rest, but I also believe in hard work.

One of the Bible verses that I go to for encouragement in our business is: Galatians 6:1-5 MSG Live creatively, friends… Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that… Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.

Bump Date :: 22 weeks

Week 22 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Papaya!

total weight gain :: 5 pounds

gender :: It’s gonna be a soccer player (female soccer player that is)!

maternity clothes :: I keep buying maternity things. Things I do not need. This Black Friday is getting my entire pocket book. Lol.

movement :: More and more every day. I LOVE it! It helps me feel secure that she’s doing okay in there.

sleep :: Pretty good for a pregnant gal with a toddler.

missing :: Deli meat…

craving :: Chocolate milk, for sure.

symptoms :: I feel like in general I have been more emotional this pregnancy. Not the ups and downs as much as I normally would get with hormones but once I start crying, man… it does not stop. I may have to take a “This is Us” pause until postpartum do to the use of Kleenexes on Tuesday nights.

duston is :: Working on the basement and Christmas decor. We have a Christmas tree, Christmas lights up outside, presents wrapped, and pending an estimate for more basement work. Basement, then nursery so we have to keep it going…

looking forward to :: We have a non-alcoholic brewery tasting tonight that we are pretty stoked about and then the Thanksgiving weekend!

best moments :: We had such a relaxing weekend this past one. We got stuff done around the house, but still enjoyed “downtime”. It was the perfect mix.

Shop Small :: No Cold Feet

Thank you, No Cold Feet Co, for sponsoring this post, part of Bahorich Abode’s Shop Small Holiday series. I was selected for this opportunity by No Cold Feet Co; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

No Cold Feet Co

No Cold Feet Co.

Today I am happy to introduce to you No Cold Feet Co. No Cold Feet was launched in 2016 to make finding socks for your wedding easier, and beyond!

When the owner, Matt, wanted to add some color to his standard black and white tuxedo, he figured socks were the perfect way to do that. So he went online and sought out a place that specialized in socks for wedding parties, where he could find fun, affordable socks in popular designs. To much of his surprise, there wasn’t a sock company or store that targeted wedding parties. So he set out to do something about that.

Enter No Cold Feet. The company was designed just for you to be able to find fun, colorful, quality socks for your big day. Whether you’re buying for the groom, groomsmen, father, grandfather, or the whole wedding party, No Cold Feet is committed to providing you a well designed, high-quality, and fun socks with great service.

Although we are past our wedding date by several years, Dusty immediately fell in love with these socks! Like Matt, Dusty wants a pop of color in his everyday life. Dusty works in the banking and finance industry and honestly, his clothes can get pretty bland and boring. A navy outfit here, a grey outfit there… and maybe he’ll mix it up for a day or two with a navy and grey combination. However, his true mood and style is found in his socks.

No Cold Feet Co

No Cold Feet Co

On most days, Dusty can be found in a brightly colored sock duo. He strays away from funky prints and designs because he likes to keep it professional yet maintain some personal style. No Cold Feet Co. is perfect for that. He tends to keep clear of the Star Wars or reindeer designs, but No Cold Feet Co. does as well. Their store is stockpiled with argyle, stripes, and dots… just how Dusty likes them.

Our socks arrived a few weeks ago and I honestly believe that Dusty has worn these at least once a week since. He would probably wear them more if I did laundry more often! Ha! They have held up really well and the quality is super good. The socks are soft and have not shown any wore even with the multiple uses.

These socks would be great for weddings, but I’m honestly thinking about the holidays with this one. What man doesn’t like a new pair of socks (or 3 pairs?!) in their stocking? I know that Dusty is always looking for more to add to his drawer regardless of how full his sock collection is. It is the perfect gift for your husband, father, grandfather, friendly UPS guy, and more. Plus, No Cold Feet Co. is also happy to offer you a discount code of $5.00 off their purchase of $50 with code “bahorichabode”. How awesome is that?!

No Cold Feet Co.

No Cold Feet Co.

Here is a little bit more about Matt and Mari, owners of No Cold Feet Co:

How did you get your shop started?
Prior to our wedding, my husband searched for socks for his groomsmen and didn’t find anyone who was specifically targeting wedding parties. We decided we could be those people, so we designed our own socks, created customizable labels, and opened our shop!

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
The hardest part of owning our own shop is staying organized. 98% of our orders require customization and proofs, so keeping track of all that is a bit messy at times. We’ve definitely crisscrossed proofs to different customers or saved over the wrong files, but all of the customers have been very understanding.

What is one thing unique about you?
Our socks are designed by us (not purchased from a bulk supplier/distributor or name-brand retailer) and you can’t find them anywhere else.

What is the best part of owning a shop?
I’ve been amazed at how excited people are about what we create for them and how much they appreciate it. It’s exciting to be a part of people’s special days (even if it is just the little details).

How did you get your shop name?
In the very early stages of our business after we had decided to go for it, but hadn’t done a ton towards it yet, my husband and I were walking to the gym one day and I was thinking out loud. No Cold Feet was one I had been thinking about, so I threw it out there and my husband loved it immediately and we decided then it was the name we were going with. It was probably the second or third name we had come up with.

What is one way that you keep organized?
Well, this is definitely one of our challenges and Etsy in particular leaves something to be desired on this front, but essentially we’ve systematized everything we can.

My husband loves process improvement and is always looking to make things more efficient. He’s set up a very organized file structure for our proofs, we have a way of tracking statuses of each order and moving it through the process, he has a very specific order he cuts our proofs in to minimize the number of cuts and the times you have to move/rotate the paper, and we’re open to trying new ways of approaching things.

How do you balance family life and work life?
Running our store definitely creates extra work as this is a side job on top of our day jobs, but in the end we just try to have fun with it. There are days/nights we prioritize customer work and there are others where the work just has to wait. As of now, it is just my husband and I, which makes things a bit easier, but that may change in the future.

Gift Guide for Him

Can you believe it, guys? We’re already to the holiday season and it’s time to roll out some GIFT GUIDES! First up this year is the gift guide for the men in your life, because let’s be honest, they’re usually the hardest to shop for. I created this particular guide with a lot of my husband’s help… and by “a lot” I mean he basically created this gift guide himself for y’all. He chose almost every item, and the ones he didn’t choose, he gave his approval, so you know it’s something an actual guy would love to get.

My number one goal with these gift guides is to make shopping a little easier and less stressful for you, and to hopefully give you some great ideas you haven’t thought of! Let me know how you like them! And hopefully you find some things on here for your husband, brother, dad, friend, cousin, whomever!

Let’s get to the guys…


UA Pursuit Hoodie                                        Massage Ball Set


Patagonia Mens Better Sweater                             Leather Lightning Cable


Nike Mens Joggers                                        UGG Australia Slippers


Withings Activité Watch                                  Every Man Jack Beard Oil

Shop Small :: Red Barn Collective

Thank you, Red Barn Collective, for sponsoring this post, part of Bahorich Abode’s Shop Small Holiday series. I was selected for this opportunity by Red Barn Collective; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Red Barn Collective

Guys, I am a sucker for little children’s furniture. I don’t know if you saw over on my Instagram story this week, but I just bought another piece of wooden furniture for little Lillie’s room, a doll house book case. There is something about a solid wooden creation that steals my heart. Knowing that it is of good quality and typically, is handmade with someone’s love, I just cannot get enough of it. I walked around my garage earlier this week and found three different sets of little wooden chairs waiting to be sanded and painted for Ollie and Lillie over the next few days. That’s six chairs?! I have a problem…

Thankfully, there are places like Red Barn Collective that benefits from my love for all things wooden for my littles. From wooden learning towers to step stools, busy boards, lego boards, I am dying over each and every piece in their shop. They sell the peg boards just like we have for Ollie’s nursery to the most adorable little wooden baby gym that I am currently eyeing.

This holiday season, for us, we are all about Legos. Dusty and I have been working on a Lego table for Ollie and asking all of the family members for Legos of our little man. He loves building things and of course, knocking them right back down. My big “ah-ha” moment was our first night at Walt Disney World this past month. Ollie (and Dusty) couldn’t care less if we were at the happiest place on Earth, because we had wondered into the Lego store at Disney Spring and he was in heaven.

We sat and played and played with those Legos for nearly an hour. I thought the longer we stayed, the less interested he would become and the less likelihood for a meltdown. I was wrong. He interested just grew and the meltdown of leaving the Lego store was inevitable. Thankfully, I found Red Barn Collective and their amazingly built Lego board.

I know the moment we introduce Legos throughout our home, they are going to be a hit. The Lego table that we are building is headed to the new playroom in our basement, but honestly, with an addition to the family coming soon, we needed something that Ollie could sit in the living room floor or his sister’s room and play with Legos in a manageable area. Enter this great Lego board.

These mini lego trays that Red Barn Collective makes are bound to be a huge hit in your home as well! Their trays are designed with our littles in mind specifically: sturdy, practical, and handy. The trays are a great size so Ollie can move his Lego creations freely throughout the house. It also makes for an easy pick-up when guests are coming over and have a landing spot.

My biggest fear with introducing Legos into the house is the stepping-on-Lego nightmare; however, thankfully, these trays help designate where Legos can be in the house, you know, and not under your feet at night… The best part about ordering from Red Barn Collective is that you have full creative control when designing the board: choose your board color, and either paint or stain for the frame. Not seeing a color you like exactly for your style? also, not a problem! Choose any Valspar paint and get exactly the style you want for your home! How awesome is it that they are that flexible!?

Like I mentioned, Red Barn Collective is packed full of goodies for your littles this Christmas. I also know a few baby showers and birthdays coming up that this shop would be amazing to partner with for my future gift buying. The best part is Red Barn Collective is offering y’all 10% off your entire order when you use the coupon code “BAHORICHABODE10” this holiday season. Thanks Red Barn Collective!!

Red Barn Collective

Red Barn Collective

Here is a little bit more about The Leeman Family, owners of Red Barn Collective:

How did you get your shop started?
Red Barn Collective began as an expression of love. The more we created these gifts for family and friends, the more we realized how much we enjoy handcrafting timeless, heirloom-quality pieces. What began as a husband and wife team has bloomed into a family adventure. We pride ourselves in our unique talents and skills, knowing that what we create will be passed on for generations to come.

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
Definitely the hardest part of owning a shop is time management. Between homeschooling, church, and our growing business, we are constantly striving for a balanced home/work life. We love being able to incorporate our business with our homeschool curriculum, but we still spend many after-school and weekend hours working on orders and perfecting our craft!

What is one thing unique about you?
I think one unique thing about our shop is how we involve our children in the design and production process. With a large family, every penny counts, and the purchases made from our shop directly support our children! Not only do our children learn valuable lessons on how to save and invest their money, but that lego tray you just purchased? Those proceeds are going towards someone’s first car, their college tuition, their next mission trip, etc.

What is the best part of owning a shop?
Our favorite part of owning a shop would be the positive reviews and feedback we get from our customers. We take pride in our work and it is always such a blessing to receive thank-you messages and pictures from happy customers.

How did you get your shop name?
Our shop name, Red Barn Collective, is named after our 150+ year old barn that sits on our family’s property. We wanted to find a way to honor our family history and there is so much charm in a beautiful, old barn.

What is one way that you keep organized?
If we could start another business, it may be in organization. With a large family and a busy business, you absolutely have to stay organized. After some trial and error, we have found a system that works best for us to keep track of all of our orders and day-to-day family activities. The secret? Old school calendars and printed out invoices.

How do you balance family life and work life?
I think the most effective way to keep a balanced family life and work life is to work smart and think ahead. Over summer break we put in extra hours to build up inventory for all our holiday markets coming up- it gives Christmas in July a whole new meaning for us! It’s also worth mentioning how easy it is to get sucked into work, work, work. Family life and our church community are extremely important to us and we have to be very intentional with our time and energy so we don’t burn ourselves out spending too much time in our workshop.

Red Barn Collectie

Red Barn Collectie