Custom Holiday Decor with Salty Pine Paper Co

Thank you, Salty Pine Paper Co, for sponsoring this post, part of Bahorich Abode’s Shop Small Holiday series. I was selected for this opportunity by Salty Pine Paper Co; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Today I want to introduce you to Salty Pine Paper Co.

I love personalized ornaments. We have plenty. From our first home to first year married, we have them all. I just love these glass hand painted ornaments and they look so great on our tree this year! Owner, Jenny’s prices are just right for those holiday gifts for the sitter, teacher, mailman, whomever, and her designs are just great. Jenny makes custom ones for each state and paints on wooden slices also. Her shop is just full of adorable hand designed prints and other neat gift ideas. One of my favorite things is her wooden gather wall hanging also!

This is a set of four red glass bulb ornaments that Jenny sent me, each measuring 2.5″. They are all hand-lettered and embossed in gold. All four ornaments arrive tied with a cloth ribbon, and are packaged safely in their shipping container with lots of love! (Please note – the pictures above show the ornaments in our premium keepsake box, which you can add on at checkout. This does not come standard with each order.) They are made with such love and look how adorable they are!!

Jenny also offered a special code just for Bahorich Abode reader. Use the coupon code “BAHORICH15” so you can get 15% off their purchase now through January 31st, 2018!

Salty Pine Paper Co.

Here is a little bit more about Jenny, the owner of Salty Pine Paper Co:

How did you get your shop started?
I started Salty Pine Paper Co. in the spring of last year, after I took an interest in calligraphy and started lettering things for around our own home. I loved the idea of making personal pieces that will bless and brighten someone else’s space, and I think there’s something SO special about having hand-made items as part of a home’s decor!

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
Hmmm…I would say the thing that’s been most challenging for me is actually pricing. First, it can be nerve wracking to assign what you think is a fair value to your pieces, while hoping that others also see that value and then are willing to use their hard-earned money to acknowledge it. Second, I haven’t always been diligent about intentional pricing, where I collect the cost of every single material needed for a certain product and then price the final piece in such a way as to cover materials and make a profit. My engineer hubby, Luke, is very good at numbers and at keeping emotions out of decision making when it’s needed, and he has helped me grow tremendously in this area, so that now, I’m confident about charging what is actually reasonable and necessary, instead of essentially giving my pieces away.

What is one thing unique about you?
I’ve lived in all four corners of the US… California, Alaska, Vermont, and now, Florida!

What is the best part of owning a shop?
There are so many things that I love about owning my own shop, but I think one of the top ones is the community of other small business owners that I’ve met. There are so many incredible entrepreneurs with kind, generous hearts, who want to cheer you on in your own business, support you, and come alongside you when you need a little help. That has been a HUGE blessing to me in my business, and I hope that I can be that person for others as they step out into their own adventures!

How did you get your shop name?
Deciding on a name for the shop took me a good bit of time, because I really wanted it to represent “me” somehow, without having to use my actual name. The “paper co.” part came about because I felt like it captured more of the “small town feel” I want my business to embody. The “salty pine” part represents the places and things that I hold dear – “salty” for my since-I-was-little love of the sea + Florida, the first place Luke and I moved to *together*, and “pine” for my growing up years in woodsy places, namely Alaska and Vermont + my love of outdoor exploring. All combined, I really loved the way Salty Pine Paper Co. sounded, and I feel like it carries personal, intentional meaning, which was important to me.

What is one way that you keep organized?
I LOVE my planner and a good ol’ fashioned to-do list! Luke teases me all the time for still using a real-life planner when I could store all the same information on my phone/computer, but there’s just something I love having things written out in front of me.

How do you balance family life and work life?
One thing that helps me to balance family life and work is setting boundaries on my time. So for example, I’m not usually in the office after Luke is done work for the day, or on Sundays, etc. That boundary gives me the margin to really enjoy and maximize work days, but also the freedom to not feel guilty when I’m soaking up “free time” with my favorite people!

Salty Pine Paper Co.

Salty Pine Paper Co.

Salty Pine Paper Co.

Salty Pine Paper Co.