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Summer Bucket List with an Infant

Summer Bucket List with an Infant2

If you remember way back in January, I chose a word to live by in 2017 — Savor. It is a daily reminder to myself that I need to slow down, pursue less, and enjoy the moment. Savoring isn’t about making the most of the year in a more is more type of way. Savoring is more about sitting and dwelling on the moment, specially to appreciate it.

To savor is to have intentionality with time. To see what is happening and make a mental, physical, and emotional decision to enjoy. To collect the moments in time that are occurring right in front of me and allow myself to receive the happiness it provides. To delight in my child’s laughter and find pleasure in the warmth of a hug from my husband.

I love lists. I make them whenever is possible; however, I almost stayed away from a summer bucket list. I did not want to push the calendar full this summer. I did not want to cram ourselves with unrealistic expectations or desires that inevitably we would fall short. But then I remember that the little things that I can savor in can make our summer and I want them to evolve around three things: community, water, and food.

I did not come up with this on my own honestly. I stumbled upon a Today Show clip which lead me to this article and of course, it was the brilliant idea of one of my favorite author’s, Jessica Turner. But who cares? I love the idea… and although Ollie is not old enough yet to shout out his requests, I can ensure that our summer will be great and we can do things to make this an amazing time to savor. So here is our summer bucket list.

  1. Play in the sprinkler
  2. Splash in the pool
  3. Wear some shades
  4. Enjoy some ice cream
  5. Go to the park
  6. Catch fireflies
  7. Look at the stars
  8. Visit the zoo
  9. Color with sidewalk chalk
  10. Host a neighborhood barbecue
  11. Be amazed by fireworks
  12. Plant a garden
  13. Splash in a puddle
  14. Go to the drive in theater
  15. Visit a farm
  16. Blow bubbles
  17. Go on a hike
  18. Celebrate Ollie turning one!
  19. Throw an outdoor dinner party
  20. Enjoy a backyard campfire

Summer Bucket List with an Infant

Savoring Friendships

Savoring Friendships

If I was honest with myself, I am terrible at this. I do really well with the “wide” friendships. Those that have a surface level connection and multiple touch points throughout the year. Just enough contact to keep the friendships alive. However, I am not so great at the “deep” friendships, not in my adult years.

Yes, I have those friendships that are completely rooted in my childhood and I am so ever thankful for those. But because I had basically the same friends from kindergarten on, I did not really have to make many new friends throughout the year. Really the same eight girls and I ran around for years together. We graduated college and half of us had the exact same first semester college schedule. I have a friendship or two outside of this group, but until my twenties, I did not need much more. We alternated who was “best” friends with who and we traveled together, cheered on our sports team together, and took all the same classes from essentially middle school until graduation. We studied together, cried together, and laughed together.

A good chunk of that core group still lives in my home town and still hangs out, but since I live miles and miles away, I have learned that I am just not that great at making that type of friendships again. The one that is okay without your make up, pops over whenever, helps you clean your house and do your dishes kind of friend. I am still learning what this looks like to build these types of friendships.

I think Lysa TerKeurst said it best when talking about how adult friendships should look in my head…

I want the equation to be: make a friend, keep a friend. Live in a blissful place of fun connection. See eye to eye. Believe the best. Get along. Be nice. Collect hilarious inside jokes. And fight for each other always.

Wouldn’t it be awesome in adult friends looked like this? Especially without much work?!

I remember a few years ago just begging and pleading with God to give me a good core group of girlfriends. I had friends but there were scattered. Some scattered by distance, some scattered by just their stage of life. We didn’t align anymore. We would hang out and chat occasionally but nobody dropped by, nobody just hung out and watched TV at my house anymore. Through those prayers, I did find a “yes” from God. Kind of. I do not necessarily have a solid core group… and still nobody really just pops in to our home, but He has graciously given me some girls that I can wrap my arms around and cry to if I need. He has shown me His love by giving me ladies that will watch my baby when I need them to and hang out on a Saturday morning with Food Network and crafts.

Savoring these friendships is what I want to do in 2017. I want to savor my time with them. I want to soak up all that our friendships have to offer. I want to sit in their presence and appreciate every moment I get with them. I want to invest in them more and love them 1000 times over.

One Little Word: Savor

In 2017, I will enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) completely, especially by dwelling on it. In 2017, I will focus on the moments collecting in front of me. In 2017, I will remember the words that are writing my story. In 2017, I will savor. • • • #olw #onelittleword #onelittleword2017 #collectmomentsnotthings #savor #savorthemoments

I know I am a little late to the party for my 2017 One Little Word, but here we go…

A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.

In 2014, I began a tradition of choosing one word for myself each January – a word to focus on, pray on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life. My words have included present, yes, and educate. These words have each become a part of my life in one way or another. They’ve been imbedded into who I am and into who I’m becoming. They’ve been what I’ve needed most before I even knew I needed them. They’ve helped me to breathe deeper, to see clearer, to navigate challenges, and to grow.


Savor means to enjoy or appreciate something pleasant completely, especially by dwelling on it. In 2017, I will savor. I will enjoy completely. I will focus on the moments collecting in front of me and receive the happiness that it provides. I will collect the words that are writing my story for good. I will delight in my child’s laughter and find pleasure in the warmth of a hug from my husband. I will continue to work on being present as I did in 2016… but with a slightly different twist, with more smiles and joy.

Over the next few weeks, I will walk you through how this looks… with my husband, with my son, with my work, and with my friends. I feel like savor could look so differently from day to day. Maybe one day I just enjoy my cup of coffee and 7am conference call. The next I giggle with my son during bath time. Regardless, I just let life pass by too quickly and do not appreciate all the joy that it has to offer. This year I am going to try to savor those moments… the happy moments.