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Perfectly Packed :: Daycare Bag

Perfectly Packed Daycare Bag

Dusty and I both work full time; however, since my job allows me to work from home (which is awesome), many folks ask me, what do we do with Ollie? Can’t he just stay home with me? As much as I would love this, the reality of conference calls and a screaming baby (or even a happy baby playing) is that they just do not mix. We searched high and low, interviewed a lot of daycares and other options, and ended up with an amazing lady who runs an in-home daycare.

When he first started going at 12 weeks, he was the only little one in the house. Since then, she has taken on two more kiddos and Ollie just loves playing and entertaining both of them. I love the fact that he is spending his days in home with a family that loves on him. I also get the luxury of keeping him home with me on Fridays. I try to keep most of my phone calls during the week on the days that he is at daycare and work a bit longer hours Monday – Thursday. I still work on Friday with him here; however, a lot of it is reserved to nap time and I am lucky enough to be able to make up some of the work in the evening and on weekends as well.

It is a balance. Having Ollie stay home with me on Fridays always looks different from week to week. Last week, I still managed to have a ton of calls and meetings on my Friday. So we went for a drive, he slept really well, and I chatted with my coworkers. This week will be a bit more traditional, and Ollie will play a bit in his playroom while I’m on a call or two that is scheduled outside of his nap time. This allows me to work a bit while he naps as well.

With that being said, I am so grateful for a daycare that is close to our home and always me to work my full time gig. Getting ready for daycare however can sometimes be stressful. I suddenly found myself with another “to-do” in the morning beyond my typical roll-out-of-bed, grab coffee, check email. I know loads of mothers out there have to get out of the house and goodness gracious, bless all of them. I am not a morning person and just the standard feeding a baby, packing a diaper bag, and changing clothes is about all I can handle before coffee. I am so thankful for my husband that does drop off every morning so I can start working as soon as they are out of the house. Time in the morning can go by so fast if you do not have a plan, so I am excited to share with you how we perfectly pack our daycare bag.

I know loads of folks have a separate bag for daycare on top of their traditional diaper bag; however, since Ollie is right around the corner and my days are so flexible, we did not really need the “what-if” bag up until recently. This is the bag that you keep extra things in for what-if scenarios. Extra outfits, burp cloths, diapers, etc. It stays at our daycare and we restock it when needed. For us, our daycare just tells us when she needs more diapers or wipes and we make sure there is one extra outfit in the diaper bag at all times as well. Any “extras” are just communicated on a daily basis. If he needs anything the day of, I typically just run it over and drop it off (which has only happened once).

Perfectly Packed Daycare Bag

So this is what is in our daycare bag:

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Diaper Rash Cream
  4. Sippy Cup
  5. Formula
  6. Blanket
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Bugspray
  9. Extra set of clothes
  10. Bib
  11. Extra Snacks

Perfectly Packed Daycare Bag

So what do you think? To all my other working mamas out there :: Did I forget anything? What tricks do you have to make packing for a day at daycare easier on you and your kiddos? Let me know in the comments.
Perfectly Packed Daycare Bag

Perfectly Packed Daycare Bag

Perfectly Pack Emergency Winter Car Kit

Perfectly Pack Emergency Winter Car Kit

I know I am a little late to the party but I am crying inside that the groundhog saw his shadow a few weeks ago. Although the midwest is being blessed with beautiful weather this week, I know deep down that we are going to have a terrible March winter storm when it should be spring. It is also a constant reminder that I am thankful that I finally put myself together a perfectly packed emergency winter car kit.

As a first mom there are things that come to me as a gut feeling. However, packing my car for emergencies must not have been one of them. Of course I know that my most used item as a mom is hands down diapers and wipes. I can go through countless boxes of these things and you can never pack enough. And of course, after a chilly ice storm in December, I became that mom that was not prepared for the winter months ahead of me. I found myself trapped at a gas station solo for hours with Ollie with two blown out diapers, one very messy blanket, and no spare clothes for my shivering little one. I felt horrible.

Thankfully, the gas station that I had found home to that evening was more like a truck stop and offered up their washer and dryer for Ollie to have some dry, clean clothes. Once I got home, I gathered myself up an emergency winter car kit. It was a super easy kit to put together, but it ensures that we are always prepared.

Here is what you need ::


I highly recommend a storage cube, because it folds up easily if it is in the way and lightweight. I keep mine in the trunk of the car. It is out of sight and keeps things organized. I was gifted mine during my baby shower; however, they are super easy to find and fairly cheap.

Perfectly Pack Emergency Winter Car Kit


We are currently using Bambo Nature Baby diapers. I’m not picky with many diapers and I honestly haven’t found ones that I really love or really hate. These are pretty good. Bambo Baby diapers carry the official environmental Nordic Eco-Label, the Swan and are certified free of harsh and dangerous chemicals. They are certified non-toxic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, & they have transparent manufacturing process. They are a bit pricer than some diapers but we have found less skin irritation and nighttime leakage with them.


I am loving Aldi’s baby wipes! They are hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol-free. The Little Journey Soothing Baby Wipes only include ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe. The ingredients used in the wipes are consistent with those used in the national brand wipes, which have been proven to be safe, reliable, and effective. They compared them to the Huggies brand… which I really dislike, but I disagree! We started out with Bambo Nature’s baby wipes and I would compare them so much more to these. They are so soft! I keep a pack of these wipes in our cube!

Small Ointment

I also keep a small sample size of diaper ointment in the cube just in case. While we don’t use it as much as we did when Ollie was a newborn, there are still those moments when I find myself needing some extra.

Perfectly Pack Emergency Winter Car Kit


After Ollie had a major blow out all over his blanket, I believe having a spare in the trunk is a good practice for any winter month. It’s helpful to have just in case you get stuck on the side of the road or need a spare.

Winter Jacket

I hope everybody by now knows not to put their little ones in the car seat with their jackets on. It is unsafe. Because I was not bundling Ollie up in his jacket, when we were stuck during the ice storm, I also did not have it in the car! I typically just wrap him up tightly in a blanket to run in and out of place; however, now his jacket just lives in our emergency winter car kit. If we ever need it while we are at home, the car is always parked in the garage!

Perfectly Pack Emergency Winter Car Kit

Other Items

Over the winter months, I have also transition a few things to our emergency winter car kit including our baby carrier, gloves for myself, and our Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock. I could also see things like a baby ice scraper or a box of Kleenex living in there soon.

Overall, our car kit is starting to become an easy place to storage things that I typically forget to grab with me as a mom in an organized way. With quite a few more weeks until spring, I hope this helps you think simply and grab just what you need for your family this winter in your own emergency winter car kit!