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5 Tips for Reading To Your Baby

5 Tips for Reading To Your Baby

One thing I knew even before Baby Ollie was born is that I wanted to make sure that reading was important in his life. Beyond the developmental components that reading to a baby delivers, reading was a big part of my childhood and I knew that I wanted it to be just as important in my little boy’s life. Additionally, being in the learning and development world, I know that readers tend to become lifelong learners and leaders, something else I wanted to promote for my kiddos.

In 2014, The American Academy of Pediatrics states that literacy promotion in the household is an essential component of primary pediatric care and advocates for reading to newborns.

Reading regularly with young children stimulates optimal patterns of brain development and strengthens parent-child relationships at a critical time in child development, which, in turn, builds language, literacy, and social-emotional skills that last a lifetime.

So why would we not want to read to our little ones? Sometimes it’s just plain hard to make sure that it is our daily routine; however, I have found 5 easy tips to make sure reading is a part of Ollie’s daily life in hopes that he will love reading for the rest of his years.

5 Tips for Reading To Your Baby

5 Tips for Reading To Your Baby

Tip #1: Make it Part of Your Bedtime Routine

My absolute favorite time to read-aloud is right before nap or bedtime. It is a great way to tell Baby Ollie we are ready to bed and it is time to calm down. Plus I love the extra snuggles before we all go to sleep. Our nighttime ritual is typically bathing, lotion, pajamas, reading, and then feeding. We alway sit in the same rocker in his room with the lights dimmed and read by his bed stand light.

Tip #2: Read While You Wait

I always keep a few books in our diaper bag so that when the moment arrives, we have them on hand. They are great to pull out at a restaurant or at the doctor’s office to keep us company and include a unplanned story time in the moment. I also make sure that they are the type of books that I won’t get too upset if they disappear at a sitter’s house or at daycare. These two books with received free at his pediatrician’s office and they are perfect!

Tip #3: Sing and Read

You have a captive audience during bath time, so use these moments to play with language. Babies love songs and rhymes so sing the stories that you have learned from reading. This will allow just another time in the day to have your baby connect story, and song, to a pleasurable experience. Baby Ollie loves baby time and sometimes we will tell stories through his bath toy characters. This allows his to soak on more language and connect with words over and over.

5 Tips for Reading To Your Baby

5 Tips for Reading To Your Baby

Tip #4: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

I stumbled upon this article the over day and just fell in love with it. I know some parents hate reading the same book over and over to their kids as they grow into their toddler years; however, it is actually super beneficial. By repeating the same book over and over, it helps your children develop a better vocabulary and word recognition, pattern and rhythm, fluency, comprehension, and confidence.

Right now, we are reading one book a season every night as part of our bedtime routine. Pippin the Penguin is the most adorable rhythmic story about a penguin in the snow… perfect for winter and we’ve loved it so much we have continued it into summer. No judgement here. Ollie sits in my lap every night and holds his own Pippin as we read. As summer continues along, we will find a new book to read over and over every night. I look forward to our “bed time book” may more than even he does at this point!

Tip #5: Play with Books

Keep your baby books in your home where your baby can reach them and encourage them to play with books. We have books on a reachable shelf in his nursery and in his play room. I try to keep an assortment of board books for him to explore through and, of course, chew on. The nicer books with paper pages and ones that I want to keep nice are on high shelves but still visible in each space. Right now he loves turning the pages on his own!

Weaving stories into baby’s routines each day will help create a future reader and lifelong learner. Run, grab a book, and read to your little one today!

11 Months Old

Eleven Month

It takes a village to raise a little one… and Mr. Ollie Hayes, you are no different. Mom and dad left for a full week this month and thank goodness for our friends and family that love keeping you. You love everybody so it is easy. You joyously go into their arms and giggle and smile at all.

You have eight teeth now and are really working hard on your molars… so hard that you keep getting ear infections. You also may be allergic to the seasons changing. Don’t worry, we all are. It’s no fun.

You can walk and dance and you love doing both. The other thing that you love doing is opening up cabinets, which in turn required us to baby safety lock all of the cabinets in the kitchen. I thought I could get away without doing it… and alas, you win again. You walk around with a ball in one hand and a book in the other. I love it because it makes me think that you are equal parts of your father and me.

You have started sleeping really poorly at night for your first time in your life. If you could knock it off, we would appreciate it; however those ear infections, weaning, and teething are not necessarily helping you any. It’s okay though. You’ve learned quickly that we love cuddling with you in our bed…

You give the best kisses, all open mouthed and slobbery. But you have started biting too. You can’t be a biter so we’ll work on that. You still love food and are so happy. I love that you are my little one Mr. Ollie. I love it.

I miss my little buddy this morning lots. Even if he was a tornado in every room he visited yesterday. 😂 #olliehayes

"I believe all of life is shot through with God’s presence, and that part of the gift of walking with him is seeing his fingerprints in all sorts of unexpected ways." @sniequist #olliehayes

So if he's standing here banging on the glass and yelling, "Da da da..." do you think he's ready for @dustn_b to come home? #olliehayes #daddysboy

The men in this family just can't hang. #olliehayes

month eleven: what I hope I never forget

how you can finally walk and you walk everywhere!

how you meow at Lucy when she meows

how you can eat an entire adult-sized meal while maintaining your petite-sized figure

how much you work at matching up your shapes in your toys

how much you love ice cream

the joy you get from being outside

your first week away from mom and dad

how happy you get on the phone when you hear our voices

your second and third ear infections

how much you love in cuddle in bed with us

10 Months Old

Ten Month

Baby Ollie, I don’t know what to say. Each day you are growing into a little person and so much less like a baby. We are starting to wean you which honestly breaks my heart. You are getting better at taking steps and are up to eight teeth now. You eat solid foods like a teenage boy and I cannot keep up with how fast you crawl. Please. Stop. Growing.

Baseball season. We are ready for you. #cardinals

Dude hates the sun, loves the bunny. #olliehayes #easter

Ollie meets baby chicks. 🐥 #olliehayes

I got myself some fine looking men. #olliehayes

A pretty satisfying Easter if you ask #olliehayes 🐰🐣

Always so deep in thought and Mr. Observation. #olliehayes

month ten: what I hope I never forget

This little boy turned 10 months yesterday! He's eating like a horse, taking up to 6 steps at a time, and really loves climbing the stairs (and giggling all the way up when he knows he's caught and in "trouble"). He has six teeth, working on his seventh, and does not sit still. #olliehayes you are awesome.

how hard you are working at walking

still more teeth (up to seven now!)

how you still love so much the color yellow and sucking on your two middle fingers

your little circle scoot on the floor to turn around

how well you can throw a ball

how much you eat and eat and eat, and don’t gain hardly any weight

your first easter day

our trip to louisiana

how much you adore your daddy

how much you are enjoying being outside

9 Months Old

Nine Month

The weather has gotten so much prettier outside; and thank goodness because you are on the move! You love kitties and puppies and playing outside. You cannot get enough of crawling and climbing and playing ball.

You got two new teeth and learn to say “dada”. You took your first steps, learned how to throw a ball, and can climb up the stairs so fast. You have finally caught onto this food thing and love all types of adult food — but still hate any type of baby food.

You talk all the time, giggle nonstop, and are such a happy baby even when you are sick. You had your first ear infection, but thankfully, love taking medicine. We cannot believe you are already nine months old.

Some daylight savings patty cake. #olliehayes

Kiss me, I'm part Murphy which makes me Irish! Oh, and there's an Irish bar named after me... or maybe it was there before me. I'm not keeping track. #olliehayes #olliehayesbar #bahorichsprouts #stpatricksday

Saturday morning adventures with #olliehayes. Today's goal? Catch the the kitty. 🐱

How do I get out of here? #olliehayes

Those eyelashes. 😍 • • • • • #olliehayes #bahorichsprouts #myviewisbetterthanyourview

Which body part does Ollie have more avocado on? #olliehayes #dinnerquestions #probablyhishead

month nine: what I hope I never forget

your first ear infection

your first steps (still working on the walking thing though)

more and more teeth (up to four now!)

your first words (dada)

your newly found love for puppies

how much food you will eat

your first st. patty’s day

how much you love your kitty Lucy

how much you talk

how much you long your walker and climbing the stairs

how excited you are to still nurse (and your giggles that come with it)

how you grab the fork to help us put food in your mouth

how you grab the food off of the fork to put in it your mouth

Seriously though. I'm ready to see this kiddo again. #olliehayes #9months #latergram #bahorichsprouts

8 Months Old

Eight Month

Ollie Hayes… you are so loved. So many people just adore you. This month went by in a flash. We travelled a lot which means we did not get to spend nearly the amount of time with you as we wished.

You are learning how to walk, but not quite there yet. We bought you a push walker which you just love. You had your first few teeth poke through and have really forgotten how to sleep well at night. You had your first Valentine’s Day and we started playing outside as the temperature is warming up. You went on your first golf outing and to the park. You were pretty hesitant of both.

We love you and cannot wait to continue to see your little personality grow.

32/365 :: Splish, splash. #olliehayes #bahorichsprouts

Just hanging with my friends. #olliehayes #bahorichsprouts

Hi my name is Oliver. And I spilled an entire bottle of milk on myself. I'll tell you little secret though… I really just wanted to play in the bathtub. #olliehayes #bahorichsprouts

"I'm coming to get you Kitty..." #olliehayes #lucythekit

Swinging is serious business. #olliehayes #bahorichsprouts

7 Months Old

Seven Months

Ollie Hayes, you know no stranger. You flirt and wave to everybody we meet and you may think your name is “cute” because that’s what everybody says about you. You love observing and watching people, but you also love being the center of attention. You are on the move too. Oh my goodness, are you on the move. You crawl and climb everything. You grab at everything you can to see what it is; however, phones, remotes, and yellow ducks remain your favorite.

You had the best Christmas, even though you were sick and hospitalized just a few days before, you would have not known on Christmas day. You played with wrapping papers and bows and boxes. We found out that you are going to have a baby girl cousin in June and we cannot be more excited.

You still absolutely love bath time and the water. Splashing and playing with mainly just the rubber duckies is something you could do for over an hour if we would let you… You haven’t slept really well this month; however, with the surgery, the holidays, and the weekends at grandma’s house, there really hasn’t been much of a schedule for you. And honestly, you have been so good through all of it.

You remain happy, healthy, and pretty easy. All things that mommy and daddy prayed and prayed for. You are so perfect and so precious. You talk up a storm and love to blow raspberries at the most random times and all of the time. You are so ticklish and love to laugh. You are such a joy in our days.

And as the Christmas decorations head back to the basement today, I thought I'd share this little nugget from last week. #myfirstchristmas #olliehayes #bahorichsprouts #bahorichholiday

Happy #newyearseve from the Bahorich crew. None of us is making it until midnight. #nye2016 #bahorichholiday

If somebody finds my baby please let me know. All I can find is this boy child, but no baby. 😭 #olliehayes

8/365 :: "I think I will call somebody important, like Mickey Mouse or the president." #olliehayes

9/365 :: My favorite bachelor. #olliehayes

11/365 :: On the road today for work but enjoyed my backseat cuddle time with my mini before drop off with the grandparents for a few days. #olliehayes

13/365 :: Reunited. #olliehayes