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Happy Fall Y’all

Thank you, The Rustic Nest, for sponsoring this post, Happy Fall Y’All. I was selected for this opportunity by The Rustic Nest; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Happy Fall Y'All

Happy Fall Y’All Sign | Pumpkin Lantern

As we headed home today from our travels this past weekend, I cannot be more ready for fall. It is finally starting to feel and look like the seasons are changing. I anticipate seasons a lot, but typically fall and winter are not as highly anticipated in this house. We do not like the cold all that much; however, this season has been different. I could not wait for our upcoming weeks, and the activities that they hold. Quickly we will be surrounded by our neighborhood with our annual yard sale, trick-or-treating, chili cook offs, and more. Fall is so great for us to be outside with our neighborhood and loving on each other well.

So today I am embracing the fall season. I have a few key essential oils in my diffuser and the whole house smells like Apple Pie. I am giddy with my fall decor this season as well. My newest addition is this lovely sign from The Rustic Nest.

We have a “landing spot” in our kitchen. I think everybody does; however, our landing spot drives me nuts. The only thing that lives there, or suppose to live there, is our coffee pot. But when the area is cleaned up, it looks so empty. My goal was to find the perfect decor to place there so that it would no longer be a landing spot for pantry groceries that never made it to the shelves, mail, keys, and other mismatched things. I knew that my new sign from The Rustic Nest would be perfect.

We live in our kitchen. I am cooking something up constantly and beyond that, it is a place for us to chill in the evening. It easily flows into our living room where Ollie plays after he gets home from daycare and it is open to our dining room as well. I will show you the before and after on Friday; however, let’s just sit in how perfect our “landing spot” looks for now.

I found the pumpkins in the empty lantern for $7 at WalMart and matched with the wood grain of my Rustic Nest “Happy Fall Y’All” sign, it is adorable. We have been keeping a good effort to keep this spot clutter free and I cannot thank Niki from The Rustic Nest enough for helping with this.

Her shop is filled with adorable simple decor items for fall this season. I love the Pumpkin Patch sign and the quote from Anne of Green Gables. The best part about it all is that you have a chance to win a sign from her shop! Head on over to our Instagram in the next 48 hours to find out more. Keep it for yourself or gift it to a neighbor that needs a bit of happiness in their life. You will definitely enjoy it either way!

Today I had to go shopping with all 3 of my kids and my husband. ??? It was awful but we survived and let's just say I'll never do it again. On a happier note, this sign is listed in the shop, link in bio @therusticnest13 or www.therusticnest13.com #falldecor #fallsigns #imsogladiliveinaworldwherethereareoctobers #anneofgreengables

It's Friday Eve guys! I'm celebrating with a little ??????‍♀️ It's been a baaaaaaaad week. 1st I took my kids to the dentist only to find out they no longer accept our insurance. SERIOUSLY?! I think that deserves a little phone call BEFORE the appointment don't you ?? Then Max - my Kindergartener - decided he didn't want to go to school anymore. I had to force him to go...like peel him off me kicking and screaming. Just rip my heart out and stomp on it okay?! So with all of that being said, I'm celebrating big time that this week from hell is just about over ???? Who's with me ??••• On to more exciting things like this sign, it's listed in my shop, the link is in my bio or head to www.therusticnest13.com #fallsign #falldecor #imsogladiliveinaworldwherethereareoctobers #anneofgreengables

NEW SIGN ALERT!!! I just listed this beauty in the shop ??????•www.therusticnest13.com• #pumpkinpatch #thepumpkinpatch #pumpkinsign #falldecor #fallsigns

It's October already?! Time flies. Sign is listed in the shop! ?www.therusticnest13.com? or click the link in my bio. #imsogladiliveinaworldwherethereareoctobers #anneofgreengables #fallsigns #falldecor

Here is a little bit more about Niki, the owner of The Rustic Nest:

How did you get your shop started?
I bought a Silhouette Machine in 2013 to make various things for my own home. I started putting sayings on vintage windows that I had found at flea markets to give as wedding & housewarming gifts for friends & family. That turned into signs for my own home as well as gifts for others. Everyone always said “wow, you should sell those” so I decided to open up a shop!

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
The hardest part about owning a shop is all the “business” stuff like taxes and legal stuff. Not my strong suit because I just want to do the fun stuff like create the signs!!

What is one thing unique about you?
This is such a hard question! All of our signs are handmade from real wood! We do all of the work here from our home. My husband cuts and occasionally sands and from that point its all me! I design the signs, stain, cut stencils, paint, distress, wax and package up signs! I am also slightly obsessed with crochet lace and love to incorporate it into my signs whenever I can.

What is the best part of owning a shop?
The best part is that I get to be here at home when my kids get home from school, on their days off and when they are sick. I love being here for them whenever they need me.

How did you get your shop name?
When I was trying to come up with a shop name my best friend said she thought it just HAD to have the word “Nest” in the name because it made her think of home. I loved that idea so my husband and I brainstormed over dinner one night and it just came to us! All of our signs are rustic in nature so it fit perfectly!!

What is one way that you keep organized?
I have a list for everything! I am a total freak about being organized because I can’t function without it!

How do you balance family life and work life?
Up to this point I haven’t been very good at it! My youngest just started Kindergarten this year so I’m trying really hard to work all day while they’re in school so I’m not working as much while they’re home.

Ollie’s First Halloween

Ollie's First Halloween

Another milestone for our little boy over with in a flash, Ollie’s first halloween! I cannot be thankful enough for the community that we live in and how awesome our neighborhood is. From meeting new neighbors and passing out candy to roaming the streets to see the decorated houses and walking the local firehouse throw candy from the back of the truck, each moment was a bit of magic. Halloween has never really been a holiday that I look forward to; however, I cannot wait to experience it again next year!

Ollie's First Halloween

Ollie's First Halloween

Ollie's First Halloween

Ollie's First Halloween

Ollie's First Halloween

We’ve Been Booed!

We've Been Booed!

Keeping connected to our community is super important to us. We are always looking for ways to make new friendships with those in our neighborhood. Lately, I have also been thinking a lot about traditions that we start this year during the holidays for family now that baby Ollie is with us. Many of my favorite memories from when I was little was simple traditions that we could look forward to during special times of year.

I originally was only thinking about ‘what could we do this Christmas season’; however, my sister sent me this last week and isn’t it the cutest! I did not grow up in a neighborhood when I was little, but more in the middle of cornfields, so the idea of “boo-ing” our neighbor was new. Once I read through the directions on the Happiness is Homemade blog, I knew it was a great way to start the holiday traditions early.

We've Been Booed!

The rules are simple. First, you place a “We’ve Been Booed” sign in your front window so to alert your neighbors that you have already been booed. Next, pack up two baskets of goodies along with a copy of the sign and deliver them secretly to two other neighbors who hadn’t been booed yet. It’s that easy.

Dusty, Ollie, and I have been going on nightly walks this week with the gorgeous weather and since our neighborhood hasn’t “booed” before, we are spreading the candy cheer each night. It is simple especially with this great printable from Happiness is Homemade. I can’t wait to see her signs up on everyone’s windows and doors, and I thought I might share the fun with you too!

Does your neighborhood do anything like “We’ve Been Booed”? I would love to see some pictures!

We've Been Booed!

We've Been Booed!

hello november.

Two things.

I cannot believe it is November. I cannot believe what all October brought our family. We are so blessed.

The second statement primarily is the reason that blogtober was a flop for me. Goals with grace, right? No reason to beat myself up that I did not write for 31 days… we only can pick up, move forward, and try to be even more intentional.

Loving this weather. #bahorich2015 ??

Today is foggy outside. The type of fog that is so thick that I cannot see the end of the driveway. I cannot see any other house in our neighborhood. I cannot see the main road that leads to stores and shops and Target and Chick-fil-a.

I kind of like it. I kind of feel like my life has been like that for months now, not being able to see the next step, not being able to see what God was planning after we pulled out of the driveway.

October was crazy busy. Duston and I both started new jobs. New jobs with promotions and a shorten commute. On an average day, I was driving an hour to an hour and a half one way to work. This morning, I am working from my home office… with the option of heading to Starbucks. I cannot even believe it is true. There has definitely been a transition phase of figuring out what it means to work from home… I’m sure I will post some on it soon.

Pumpkin picking every where.

Beyond new jobs, we celebrated weddings, neighborhood yard sale day, Halloween events, birthdays, chili cook offs… and loads of just daily rhythm stuff. Dinner with so-and-so, donuts with the girls… October was such a full month. It was restful and stressful all the same. Great moments and transitions.

With those transitions, the fog has not really cleared much. Visibility has gotten better, but still not clear. Not clear where our new jobs are leading us as a family. Not clear what the new normal looks like. Not clear how our rhythms will form. But that is the goodness of God, right? In uneasy, unsure times, times in the fog, we cling to Him, rely on Him, pray to Him…

Here’s to a month of being thankful among the fog. Hello, November.