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Bump Date :: 16 weeks

I have been getting so many texts and messages around our pregnancy lately. We cannot wait to experience our newest addition to our family in the spring. Two years ago, I started snapping away our week by week updates with baby Ollie. We could not wait for him to grow and join our family.

These past few weeks have been more bitter sweet. Although we still have the anticipation of meeting the newest family member, we also are attempting to savor every last minute alone with our little man. We are also sitting along side those in our local community who are either struggling with pregnancy, or trying to make sense of pregnancy loss. After dealing with a miscarriage a few years ago ourselves, we have truly grieved with those around us as of late.

With that being said, we are still overjoyed with our upcoming babe. We will probably squeeze that little nugget even more so when the baby arrives knowing the sadness that so many have and will endure. On a final note, some folks have asked about what fruit/veggie I am this week, and although I have no desire to scour the countryside for fruits and veggies over the next few months, we will be doing updates throughout! I enjoy the moments and memories from our last pregnancy and cannot wait to do the same.

Week 16 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Avocado

total weight gain :: 1 pound

gender :: Uh, we may know. I’m not going to 100% lie about that. Do not worry. You’ll know soon.

maternity clothes :: Just hanging out in my maternity jeans. I can still stretch into some of my old jeans as well, but I feel like I look more fat than pregnant so maternity jeans it is.

movement :: Nope.

sleep :: It’s so-so. Dusty has been doing a lot of the nighttime feedings with Ollie these days but I am still having trouble sleeping. Either it is crazy weird dreams or not being able to get comfortable. My hip issues have returned in full force from last pregnancy and by the end of the night, I am really sore even laying down.

missing :: Nothing really.

craving :: Donuts. Pumpkin things. Nothing beyond a standard basic white girl in the fall time…

symptoms :: Like I said, my hips and ligaments are not the greatest. I ended up with 8 months of physical therapy post-birth last time, so I am up-ing my chiropractic visits and walking early on to help minimize the damage and rotating that happened last time. I am also starting Tone It Up’s 21 Day series today (yay!) in hopes to help my soreness.

duston is :: busy. We have taken on the basement as a side project this fall. He’s looking into grad school… oh, and we have a full blown toddler. That’s pretty much enough right now.

looking forward to :: We are headed to Disney next week! It will be Ollie’s first trip and I cannot wait for all of the excitement and rest that this vacation will bring.

best moments :: This past weekend we had such a fun-filled time. We had our annual yard sale in the morning on Saturday which brings out the entire community. We finished the day with a food truck festival and rounded off our weekend with church and housework. Dusty even finished a great storage area in the basement for me. It is amazing.