Bump Date :: 32 weeks

Week 32 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: A bundle of asparagus!

total weight gain :: 17 pounds.

gender :: Baby girl.

maternity clothes :: It really needs to warm up a bit. I know it is still technically January but these layers are killing me.

nursery :: We have an assembled crib but not much more than that. A few items purchased, but nothing is organized. We are still picking away at the basement to be able to then focus on the nursery.

movement :: More pushes and jabs instead of kicks and sudden moments.

sleep :: Sleep is hit and miss. I know it’s expected and really I am getting plenty. The hours in between 4a and 6a are sleepless, where as all I want to is sleep from 6a and 7:30a. It’s a good darn thing that my office is in my house and I can roll out of bed and start work within moments. I’m not sure my sleeping schedule and a daily commute would compute. I’m also super thankful for a toddler that likes 7am snuggles.

missing :: Not a hold lot really this week.

craving :: Chocolate milk!

symptoms :: My heartburn is back. My tailbone is aching. And Dusty is saying that I’m acting more 38 weeks pregnant than 32. Oops.

duston is :: Painting. Now that our sheetrock work is down, he has approximately 1200 sq feet to still paint and we only have a good two nights a week to do it in. Thankfully, we have almost a full two months until we need all of these done.

looking forward to :: Making some noticeable strides downstairs. We have a lot riding on the completion of the basement and I am trying not to get wrapped up in the decorating, but just the completion of it.

best moments :: Ollie and I spent Saturday morning at a friend’s house while Dusty painted and it was so much fun. A handful of my girlfriends gathered for donuts and Ollie had a blast. It was so fulfilling to my soul.