Bump Date :: 31 weeks

Week 31 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Romaine Lettuce. Obviously one larger than my entire torso…

total weight gain :: 16 pounds.

gender :: Cheerleader!

maternity clothes :: Layers upon layers upon layers.

movement :: More jabs than flutters and kicks for sure.

sleep :: We’re back in the bed. After a great weekend of sleep in a hotel bed on our mini-vacation, I have attempted the hard mattress once again.

missing :: Deli sandwiches…

craving :: Nothing healthy. Ha! This week has been full of me struggling not to just eat McDonalds, soda, and ice cream.

symptoms :: I have been slower this week with an ache here and there. Nothing major, just slower and more pregnant feeling.

duston is :: Painting! With our walls done in the basement, he is spending every last minute of free time working at getting our basement back to semi-working order so that we can start focusing on the nursery soon.

looking forward to :: A couple of slow weekends. Yes there will be painting and nursery prepping to do; however, it is not necessarily as frigid cold outside as it has been and we have less and less on the books going into February. I cannot be more excited to slow down and rest before she gets here.

best moments :: Our babymoon — provided by my company!! No, my company doesn’t necessarily supply trips for mamas-to-be; however, they do offer up a yearly holiday party that fell inline with when we would have taken a babymoon for ourselves. We spent the weekend in San Francisco and it was wonderful.