Bump Date :: 30 weeks

Glad we went to California. Glad to be back. #bahorichbabymoon #lilliegrey

Week 30 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Cabbage

total weight gain :: Holding strong at around 15 pounds.

gender :: Girl!

maternity clothes :: I keep feeling like I do not have enough and in all honesty, I do… but it’s cold and loads of my things from my first pregnancy are warm weather tops. I know it will warm up in a few weeks so I am just holding steady with what I have and hoping layers don’t add to my bump.

movement :: She is moving more and more every day. I keep pretending to wish that she would run out of room in there to move so much but I know that an active baby is a healthy baby.

sleep :: I have spent the past week on the couch and although I do not necessarily love it, I know that my firm mattress will be totally fine again after I give birth… but for now, it just does not work for this growing belly.

missing :: Deli sandwiches…

craving :: Nothing really.

symptoms :: Heartburn. Pelvic floor pains. Dizziness.

duston is :: He is really holding steady on keeping our basement going. It is going far slower than what we anticipated but in all honesty, we are doing the best we can. I will be (and so will Dusty) so excited when we can start painting and moving items out of our “nursery” back down to the basement to prepare for this baby.

looking forward to :: San Francisco! We have a “work time” this coming weekend which is really just a holiday party with all of my coworkers. We are over the moon and beyond blessed by our mini-vacation we get to take each January with my company and cannot wait for a few days in another city.

best moments :: We had some great times this past weekend with a productive yet relaxing family weekend. We assembled the crib, had my parents over for a few odd jobs in the basement, and a great Sabbath.