Bump Date :: 28 weeks

Week 28 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Bunch of Bananas

total weight gain :: 14 pounds strong.

gender :: Bouncing bubbly girl.

maternity clothes :: I’m honestly in maternity clothes for the rest of the game. Good thing I am loving all of my items from PinkBlush!

movement :: Tons. I think she has taken up Zumba.

sleep :: Fairly decent here and there. I would like to think that I’m sleeping better this time around but maybe I’m just permanently sleep deprived with a toddler and being pregnant.

missing :: Deli meat. So much that I ate a sandwich and love it.

craving :: Chocolate ice cream and milk. Thankfully, with the start of the new year, we are kicking it in high gear with our nutrition. So oatmeal this morning for breakfast instead of ice cream…

symptoms :: Heartburn. Charlie horses. Headaches. Pelvic pain. Yay.

duston is :: Resting. The holidays bought on a lot of to-do’s and I know the upcoming weeks will be full of busyness with our remodel and prepping the nursery. So thankfully, we rested a bit this weekend.

looking forward to :: Getting my glucose test over with. For whatever reason, I am uber concerned about it. I was on the high side last time and now that I am having it right after the holiday season, I’m afraid that my sugar is higher than normal.

best moments :: New Years Eve and Day. We have the best friends that threw a fantastic NYE party. It was complete with a toddler rave/dance party with a DJ, lights, and balloons. It was so much fun to watch Ollie enjoy himself. We also was able to spend all day on New Year’s Day with a day date. Some shopping, Mexican food, and Coco was the perfect ending before the chaos that is to come.