Bump Date :: 27 weeks

Week 27 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Acorn Squash!

total weight gain :: 14 pounds.

gender :: Obviously a strong healthy girl.

maternity clothes :: Holiday sweaters and oversized, warm anything. It’s cold and this baby is not keeping me warmer…

movement :: Loads and loads.

sleep :: Decently enough with all of the holiday chaos.

missing :: Deli meat — with all of the holiday plates this week, you start to realize really quick how limited you are.

craving :: Chocolate milk

symptoms :: I’m over this heartburn. 🙂

duston is :: After a week full of holiday fun, we are back at it with the basement chores. We really want to be able to take some time during January and just be at home, which means for us prepping the basement in it’s final steps and moving onto the nursery. I would love love love to see most of it done prior to our trip to San Francisco at the end of the month, but that is coming up so quick!

looking forward to :: Decluttering and goal setting. Doesn’t the end of the year mean that for everyone? I think it is funny that we spend 4-6 weeks buying “all of the things” to the next few weeks of getting ride of “all of the things”. I poke fun at it but it is really is true. Although we try really hard to be a minimalist family, especially with Ollie and his toys, Christmas has overran our house and it is showing.

best moments :: Of course the holidays! It was stressful. It was full of cooking and cleaning and wrapping and traveling. But it was still the holidays!