Bump Date :: 26 weeks

26 weeks and still baking. #bumpdate #lilliegrey

Week 26 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Coconut!

total weight gain :: 12 pounds.. ugh.

gender :: Girl.

maternity clothes :: Sweater weather + maternity leggings.

movement :: She’s still moving a ton.

sleep :: Not too bad.

missing :: Holiday alcoholic drinks. πŸ™‚

craving :: Not much.

symptoms :: Oh my goodness heartburn…

duston is :: Helping with holiday prep.

looking forward to :: With the Christmas weekend in front of us, we are excited, overwhelmed, and prepping a ton. We cannot wait to spend the holidays with our friends and family but honestly, with a toddler and being pregnant… it is a lot this year.

best moments :: We have been making great strides on the basement which is really exciting. We also were able to attend a holiday concert over this past weekend that included my favorite singer, David Crowder. It was really nice to get out with friends and family prior to the holiday rush that is happening this week.