Bump Date :: 25 weeks

Week 25 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Cucumber!!

total weight gain :: 10 pounds

gender :: Baby girl!

maternity clothes :: I have officially stopped purchasing clothes. I didn’t feel like I needed much when I started out this time, and then.. well, I’m a sucker for clearance. πŸ™‚

movement :: Nonstop. We’re going to have a soccer player, seriously.

sleep :: Not the greatest, but living through.

missing :: Nothing really.

craving :: Not a whole lot this week.

symptoms :: The acid reflux is bad. It was a sad week when it started being a regular thing.

duston is :: Still hanging out in the basement. Hopefully, we are making some progress and working towards a end date.

looking forward to :: The holidays!

best moments :: I have had some great days working through my Powersheets this week while many of my coworkers are at a end-of-the-year meeting. It’s been quiet and highly productive.