Soft Sole Shoes with Sweet ‘n Swag Moccasins

Thank you, Sweet ‘n Swag, for sponsoring this post, Soft Sole Shoes with Sweet ‘n Swag Moccasins. I was selected for this opportunity by Sweet ‘n Swag; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Having a roaming toddler in the colder months means finding creative ways to keep their feet warm since they are notorious for pulling off their socks and kicking off their shoes! Ollie never wants anything on his feet. Not to mention, he is sometimes a bull in a china shop and a little boy would love to run, so it has been important that I find footwear that would stay on to keep him warm but also look cute and stylish!

Ever since I was introduced to how important soft sole shoes were for little feet, I have been a lover of baby moccasins. I know there are a ton of companies out there on the market; however, I have tried many of them and want to take a second and introduce you to Sweet ‘n Swag.

They stay put, period. Since Ollie was an infant, I have tried and tested several brands of soft sole shoes and now that we are running and walking, I still swear by them! Many soft sole are slippery for walkers on hard wood and laminate floors and wear out fast outdoors! However, Sweet ‘n Swag are handmade, super soft, and flexible. They come in a huge selection of colors and prints to suit everyone’s taste and style! There are so many other companies out there who make baby moccasins, but what I love about Sweet ‘n Swag is that they’re affordable, but high-quality.

But why soft sole shoes in general?

Well, for starters, hard sole shoes are honestly difficult for younger ones to learn to walk because they are typically pretty heavy. Ollie started taking his first steps at eight months and really walking at ten. With having lightweight soft soles, he was able to learn to walk by extending his toes and grip the floor similar to as if he was walking barefoot. It also helped him continue to improve his balance and coordination as he grew. Soft sole shoes are typically roomier than hard sole shoes as well, allowing Ollie’s feet to be unrestricted without wedges, inserts, high backs, reinforced heels, special arches, or other feature that are typical to hard sole shoes. This continues to help develop their little feet in such a more natural way!

So whether you have a newborn or a walking toddler, Sweet ‘n Swag soft sole moccasins are the way to go. They can also come lined, so for these upcoming winter months, their little feet will stay dry and warm.

Also, a special just for you! Use the code “heathersweetnswag” for a 15% off your entire order, excluding sale items! How perfect is that just in time for the holidays!

Sweet 'n Swag

Sweet 'n Swag

Sweet 'n Swag

Sweet 'n Swag

Here is a little bit more about Sweet ‘n Swag:

How Sweet N Swag started: A life-changing event happened when Shannon’s good friend lost a baby at seven months to a septic infection. The couple were devastated, not only by the loss of their baby son, but the mounting hospital bills and subsequent funeral. Shannon felt compelled to try and help her friend in the only way she could—making hair bows to sell. For two days and two nights she made bows without thought of food or sleep. She had 250 bows to sell.

She put a notice on Facebook and went door to door in her condominium neighborhood peddling her bows. She sold about 150 and gave the money to her friends. She had a hundred left! What she did with them started her on a journey that took her to a place she couldn’t have imagined. She sold her bows on the craft-focused website “Etsy” and they sold quickly. Customers wanted more accessories so she expanded her ideas to include shoes for infants. The uniquely designed and hand-made vegan leather moccasins were best-sellers.

As Shannon’s hobby turned into a full-time endeavor, Brett sold his law firm and turned his attention to helping expand the brand, “Sweet N Swag.” The couple are now completing a new office in Lindon to accommodate the ever-expanding line of shoes and accessories. The latest shoe design is a special designed leather oxford called a “Moxford.” The marketing catch phrase is “We design shoes that stay on baby’s feet.”