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Thank you, Generation Claimed, for sponsoring this post, part of Bahorich Abode’s Shop Small Holiday series. I was selected for this opportunity by Generation Claimed; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Generation Claimed

Have you ever discovered something that you literally feel like you could give away to every new mom that you meet in the next five years (or more)? Guys, Generation Claimed has designed and developed my new favorite book… and it’s a baby board book.

“You Are” is a 9 page board book filled with Biblical affirmations.

Dearest one, you are a child and an heir of the most high God.

It designed to speak life over the youngest of our generation. Author, Emily’s, prayer is that this book will imprint the Lord’s promises and truths on our little’s hearts and call them forth in their lives. Many of us parents seek to “wrap them (our children) in victory, joy, and praise. (Isaiah 61:3 VOICE);” that from a young age they will be claimed for the Lord and His Kingdom, and this book is such a great way to fill your home with Godly-center holiness.

Precious child, you are the start of something new.

I was sitting chatting in the midst of a mommy Facebook group just earlier this week and one of the mommas asked how to incorporate more Jesus, and less of the world, in her home and I instantly thought of this book. The book is beautifully illustrated and written. Each page is short and sweet, which is perfect for our little Ollie, who loves flipping the pages. It is a simple way to tell him truths each night and a reminder for us with the scripture below where the truth originated from.

Sweetheart, you are for signs and wonders.

I know that many of my girlfriends give away a Jesus Storybook Bible or something similar at each baby shower; however, this is my new go-to. First, it’s a board book so the new mommas can use this without fearing that the pages will rip. Second, it is a great book to sit down and read each night in addition to a short story in the Bible to your little. Like I said, Ollie is really more about flipping the pages, so accomplishing the “end” of the book is just as important to him. We can sit down and read together at bedtime and slow our hearts and focus on the new meaning of not only Christmas, but our entire lives.

I just love it! Use the coupon code “Etsy20” to receive 20% off of the You Are book for your own little one. Also, head on over to our Instagram page today to enter to win a book for yourself! Hurry though… it’s just up for 48 hours!

Generation Claimed

Generation Claimed

Here is a little bit more about Emily, author of You Are:

How did you get your shop started?
We actually opened our website before we started on Etsy. We appreciated Etsy’s clients and how good they are to their sellers and decided to open a shop on Etsy, as well as our website.
As far as our business, the to make a long story less long 🙂 My infant daughter didn’t sleep well; so I was laying down to take a nap when the Lord put the idea for this book in my head. Needless to say, I didn’t get to sleep, but I kept thinking it was an idea that I would do “someday.” But the Lord was continuing to speak to me about it, and at the beginning of every year our church does a fast. During the fast my husband and I were praying for direction in our life; where did the Lord want us to go next. He will tell you that he can remember the exact spot he was standing in in our house when he heard the Lord. He looked at me and said, “The Lord told me you are supposed to write.” I took it as the push from the Lord that it was, and the rest is a lot of hard work and as they say, “history.”

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
I have 3 kids, and they are our top priority right now. So it is hard to find the time and energy to work on our business while being “mom.”

What is one thing unique about you?
I married my high school sweetheart. Super cheesy, right:)

What is the best part of owning a shop?
I love knowing that we are impacting littles and their families for the Lord. It’s so humbling and exciting to be able to be a part of how children are hearing about God through us; that we in a small way get to speak into their lives.

How did you get your shop name?
The first night I sat down to write; I wrote in entirety the passage on the back of our book. It literally has not changed one bit since I sat down and wrote it that first night. After, I wrote it I read it and thought “hmm, generation claimed, I like the way that sounds.” And it really just represented what we desired the Lord to do through our company.

What is one way that you keep organized?
I am a big believer in lists, because I am not naturally organized. I write down a list at the beginning of everyday of what I need to get done. I look at the list and pray that the Lord would “order my steps for the day” and help me prioritize what is most important. And then, I literally rank/prioritize what needs to get done the most. What will give me the most bang for my buck. I heard a speaker once who prioritized her lists of “to do” by need to do, nice to do, and nuts to do. I do my best to be ruthless with my time; so that I can be so gracious with those I spend it with.

How do you balance family life and work life?
My husband is a nurse who works 3 days a week. The days that he works, he doesn’t get home until 10:30. So I use that time, after the kids go to bed, to be creative, and get things done for our business. I definitely have had to learn to be disciplined, and turn the TV off. The Lord asked me one night, “what do you really want?” I remind myself of this on those nights when it’s tempting to just veg out instead of be disciplined. I so believe in rest, but I also believe in hard work.

One of the Bible verses that I go to for encouragement in our business is: Galatians 6:1-5 MSG Live creatively, friends… Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that… Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.