Bump Date :: 22 weeks

Week 22 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Papaya!

total weight gain :: 5 pounds

gender :: It’s gonna be a soccer player (female soccer player that is)!

maternity clothes :: I keep buying maternity things. Things I do not need. This Black Friday is getting my entire pocket book. Lol.

movement :: More and more every day. I LOVE it! It helps me feel secure that she’s doing okay in there.

sleep :: Pretty good for a pregnant gal with a toddler.

missing :: Deli meat…

craving :: Chocolate milk, for sure.

symptoms :: I feel like in general I have been more emotional this pregnancy. Not the ups and downs as much as I normally would get with hormones but once I start crying, man… it does not stop. I may have to take a “This is Us” pause until postpartum do to the use of Kleenexes on Tuesday nights.

duston is :: Working on the basement and Christmas decor. We have a Christmas tree, Christmas lights up outside, presents wrapped, and pending an estimate for more basement work. Basement, then nursery so we have to keep it going…

looking forward to :: We have a non-alcoholic brewery tasting tonight that we are pretty stoked about and then the Thanksgiving weekend!

best moments :: We had such a relaxing weekend this past one. We got stuff done around the house, but still enjoyed “downtime”. It was the perfect mix.