Bump Date :: 20 weeks

Week 20 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Banana

total weight gain :: 4 pounds

gender :: Little gal

maternity clothes :: I keep wanting to buy clothes… but let’s be honest. I have plenty. It is just getting cold outside and really my maternity tops still feel too big and my regular sweater make me look more chubby than pregnant. It’s just a phase, I know.

movement :: Every night like clockwork she is kicking up a storm.

sleep :: This week has been okay. Sleep is still not great, but it’s better than last week.

missing :: Not really anything this week!

craving :: Nothing really.

symptoms :: Not true symptoms… however, the stomach flu has made it through our house this week and caused a few hiccups in our normal routine. We canceled a holiday trunk show at our house and moved our small group to another house. I ended up getting it twice and it hit me far harder than the rest of the house because of the pregnancy.

duston is :: Still recovering from the flu himself!

looking forward to :: Getting back to normal. A few days of laying around this house and I feel like we have been cooped in too long. We needed the rest but I just do not sit still very well.

best moments :: We had a great family day on Saturday before the flu storm. We had some good quality times with friends, neighbors, and time just for ourselves as well!