Bump Date :: 19 weeks

Week 19 Bumpdate

size of the baby :: Mango

total weight gain :: 4 pounds still!

gender :: Lillie Grey – Girl. πŸ™‚

maternity clothes :: Still in maternity jeans and regular tops. I’m mixing a few more maternity tops in the mix, but not a whole lot.

movement :: I can definitely feel Lillie faster than Ollie. I have a few kicks and flutters here and there. Nothing that Dusty would be able to feel but I don’t think I had much more than bubbles this time through last time around.

sleep :: Sleeping decently.. enough hours, but really not good sleep if that makes sense. Just super strong dreams and lots of flipping due to my hips.

missing :: Nothing really.

craving :: Chocolate milk and soups. Not together. Oh and pumpkins donuts. Give me all of those.

symptoms :: Nothing really this week.

duston is :: Doing well. We have had a really busy week with social events. Halloween. Missional Community. Networking event. We honestly haven’t been home much without other people in our house. That’s 100% okay though. We bought our house to fill it with people and share the hospitality and love of Jesus. This is just what it looks like.

looking forward to :: The holidays! Honestly, decorating for the holidays. I want to sit and savor the holiday season for as long as I can this year. The first step is to decorate. The temperatures are going to be warm this weekend so we are chatting about lights on our house for the first time. Yah!

best moments :: Like I said, we had a busy week with a house full of people. The temperature has been up and down which has been nice to get out and be productive on the warmer days and cuddle up with some great teas on the colder ones.