Baby Boy Fall Fashion from Old Navy

Although the Bahorich household is attempting to savor up every bit of summer that is left, there is a quickening sense this part of the season that fall is near. School supplies have taken over the seasonal area that pool rafts once stood and chili cook-offs and pumpkin picking is honestly right around the corner.

I always try to be very intentional about our finances and especially when it comes to how we spend our money on clothes. We definitely want to look nice, but we do not want to break the bank either! Thankfully, I can find pieces for Ollie and myself at Old Navy without much searching. They have a 40% off sale going on today and honestly, if you missed it, wait another week and you will be able to find a good deal for yourself. You just have to wait a day or two and keep your eyes out!

Here are some great finds that I am eyeing up for Ollie this fall. What are your favorite styles this upcoming season:

Old Navy Plaid Roll Sleeve Shirt For Baby Size 18-24 M - White/green plaid  Old Navy Plaid Roll Sleeve Shirt For Baby Size 18-24 M - Blue/orange plaid Old Navy Rip And Repair Jeans For Baby Size 6-12 M - Indigo denim  Old Navy Jersey Lined Pull On Hybrid Pants For Baby Size 6-12 M - Camelot Old Navy Canvas High Tops For Baby Size 6-12 M - Gray  Old Navy Color Block Slip Ons For Baby Size 12-18 M - Dark chambray