15 Affordable Summer Date Nights

15 Affordable Summer Date Nights

Dusty and I have date night pretty much every Friday night. I remind myself often not only how lucky we are that we get this on a weekly basis, but also how important it is for our marriage. Keeping our marriage first is the foundation of a healthy family. I know that this isn’t a reality for everybody all of the time; however, summer is such a fun time to have date nights and there are so many options of things to do without breaking the bank! Here are 20 affordable summer date ideas to do out and about or at home after the little one(s) go to bed! Be sure to check your local paper or website for fun activities in your area. In the summer, lots of towns have fun free events.

1. Go on a walk in a beautiful park or in your neighborhood

2. Play mini golf (you can normally find coupons in the paper or online)

3. Check your local summer events. Sometimes they offer free movies in the park or local outdoor bands. We just went to a local car show and showing of Cars last week in the field of a nearby church.

4. Check online for free concerts in your area. We have an orchard down the road that does free concerts every Friday and Saturday night!

5. Outdoor picnic – Grab your favorites at the deli counter (like ya know, sushi) and head to the park

6. Head to a nearby drive-in theatre

7. Play arcade games at a local spot. We have an arcade bar that is a blast

8. Go to the zoo (St. Louis Zoo is free!)

9. Go on an ice cream date

10. Day at the pool (We like to raid our neighbors!)

11. Check out local food trucks

12. Go to the driving range or a nighttime golf attraction. TopGolf anyone? We also have a local 9 hole course that is lighted on the weekend after dark that is super cheap!

13. Head to a museum. In St. Louis, most of our art and history museums are free and it’s a great option if the humid is high!

14. Grill out and have friends over for a game night (corn hole and ladder golf anyone?!)

15. Netflix and actually chill! We love digging out old Disney movies on Disney and beige watch them all day.

Photo used by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash