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Thank you, Mouse Apparel, for sponsoring this post, part of the 2017 Shop Small Spring series. I was selected for this opportunity by Mouse Apparel; the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Mouse Apparel

Goodness gracious and all of the magic feels! We are hanging out at Disney this week and let me tell you… We are loving it! We left our little man at home and are enjoying some great adult Disney time!! As I prepped for this Disney trip, I managed to find some amazing small shops that I cannot wait to share with you this week!

First thing’s first, let’s talk about the awesomeness of the small shop, Mouse Apparel! Her tees are incredibly magical and I honestly could not choose… so of course, I went with my gut and eyed up a perfect Dole Whip lovers tank.

We love Dole Whip around here and honestly, I cannot believe it took me all these years to discover its magic. I have only been a Dole Whip lover for a few years, and considering all of my years of loving Disney — I’m not sure why it took me so long!

So check out Mouse Apparel for your next trip! I’m loving her newest design, “Happy with a 100% Chance of Disney,” tee. It’s a little play off a weather forecast, and the weather is always good in both California and Florida. How cute!! And use the code “BAHORICHANDMOUSE” for free shipping on all orders until 5/31/2017. Yes please…

Also, a side note that I’ll talk more about later… but we opened our own magically inspired tee shop yesterday! Head on over to our Instagram account for a giveaway opportunity for your own shirts from Mouse Apparel and our shop, Ellie ‘n Ollie!! Hurry, it’s only for 48 hours!!

Mouse Apparel

Mouse Apparel

Mouse Apparel

Here is a little bit more about Adrienne, the owner of Mouse Apparel:

How did you get your shop started?
My husband and I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2015, both of us were working corporate jobs, caring for our first baby, and trying to keep it all together. We needed a business I could do from home, that we were passionate about, and that would afford us the time for me to be home with our daughter.

Like a light bulb, one morning John said, “What are the two things Adrienne knows best… Disney and Christmas!” and the idea to create shirts inspired from the parks and movies I’d always loved was born. It seemed so simple, how did we not think of this before?!

Immediately we went to work on researching how to start a home based t-shirt shop, and though no path to success is smooth, every challenge we faced was only a speed bump in our path to reach those goals. Now I work on Mouse Apparel full time and spend every day with our little girl! We may be a little shop, but the time I have with her is more valuable than the work I did in the corporate world.

What is the hardest part of owning a shop?
It’s all on YOU. You manage every aspect of the business; from customer service, production, accounting, investing in equipment and technology, marketing, promotions, everything! There is freedom in asking a boss what to do when you’re in a new or uncertain situation, but when YOU’RE the boss, you have to rely on your research, advice from those you trust, and your gut. But I’ve found as long as you ask, “What is the right thing to do for my shoppers,” those answers come easy.

What is one thing unique about you?
One thing that is unique about me is I still haven’t grown up. I will always be a Disney kid and believe in magic. I cry during World of Color and Fireworks shows, skip through the streets of New Orleans square, and will always have room for a Dole Whip. Being at Disney reminds me of all the good spirit people have within them.

What is the best part of owning a shop?
My FAVORITE part is the positive response from my shoppers. Seeing photos, reading great reviews, and knowing something I created helped make their Disney memories even better is so fulfilling. It’s what makes creating a business inspired by your passion so worthwhile. Also, my husband and I are a phenomenal team, in both work and parenting, so working with him has been one of the best parts too.

How did you get your shop name?
This one is pretty simple 🙂 Apparel was necessary so everyone knows we sell clothing. Mouse was a nod to the big guy… Mickey!

What is one way that you keep organized?
Lists, lists, and more lists. This helps me sleep better and I feel accomplished when I complete a to-do list (which motivates me into wanting to create more accomplishments!)

Goal setting is so important to organization. You can’t reach your finish line until you hang it up! So no matter what I’m working on (a daily schedule, or a monthly prep meeting for the shop) I always have a written goal to reach.

How do you balance family life and work life?
I am a stickler for schedules – especially my toddler’s. She sleeps at the same times every day, so I get right to work as soon as she is down. Having a home based business allows me the freedom to work whenever so I get most of my work done after she goes to bed. We plan on having another baby, so I’ll have to revisit this answer when I’m managing two nap schedules!

When you own your own business or any creative passion, you never turn it off. We are always thinking of new designs, or where we’ll take this shop next. For us, that balance works, because even though we are always talking about the shop, we do so while spending time with our daughter.